Kitchen Accessories

In present times modular kitchens are all about convenience, low maintenance and aesthetics. It is also about making life in the kitchen easier and smarter. A modular kitchen is only as good as the accessories it is fitted with. Contribution of technology in designing ergonomical kitchens is immense and has made cooking a truly pleasurable and stress free exercise.

SIRAVI has mastered the science of designing modular kitchens that optimally utilizes the available floor space. Proper planning and placement of cabinets and other kitchen components achieve a visual balance that is not only appealing and individualistic, but also functionally optimized for efficiency.

SIRAVI is a one stop destination in stainless steel kitchen cabinets Bangalore and other components like crockery units, vanity units, book shelves and shoe racks. Prestige chimneys and hobs and other bespoke solutions from top-notch companies are also available.