"As a health conscious mother, I always fussed over cockroaches and other pests. This meant frequent cleaning of the wooden cabinets which always drained my energy. I made a prudent choice of shifting to stainless steel. Today, I am a proud owner of a kitchen that is hygienic and free from irritating pests like cockroaches and termites. And, cleaning is a cool job!" by Pratyusha Veronica, Bangalore
When we moved from US to Hyderabad, I wanted a kitchen like the one I enjoyed in the US. When a friend referred SIRAVI, I was apprehensive about the finish and quality. SIRAVI walked an extra mile in accommodating my wishes. The workmanship was excellent, the accessories were tailored to meet my needs and the finish was to my standards. Thanks to SIRAVI, I don’t miss my kitchen in the US. by Anusha Sadineni, Hyderabad
A visit to SIRAVI showroom completely convinced me about stainless steel kitchens and what impressed me most was the exceptional staff that was patient and courteous to answer my countless questions. by Mohamed Abdullah, Bangalore
I had always dreamt of owning a kitchen like the ones seen in magazines. Thank you SIRAVI for making my dream come true and wonderfully accessorising my kitchen - they respond so well to a gentle touch. by Sunil Joshi, Bangalore
My kitchen was small, old fashioned and traditional. When I contacted SIRAVI for a refurbish, they understood my requirements well and designed a beautiful kitchen. They even worked out the shutters in the colour combination I wanted. The use of steel has added a new dimension to my kitchen making it look cleaner and spacious than before. Thank you SIRAVI! by Murali Ranganathan, Bangalore
For our new house, I was clear about doing interiors in a material which was easy to clean, maintain and durable. SIRAVI did a wonderful job in steel for both the kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. They took up the complete responsibility and did a sincere job. My kitchen and bedroom décor is appreciated by many. I always recommend SIRAVI to them! by Shiva Reddy, Bangalore