Stainless steel has made significant inroads in the wardrobe space to be the most preferred choice. Termite free, easy maintenance and unconventional looks have been the high scoring points working in favour of it. The wardrobes can be easily customized to be adjustable. Compartmentalizing makes for fast and easy storage and retrieval. They can also be fitted with internal lockers for safe storage and security. For a generation starved for time, stainless steel wardrobes with near negligible attention requirements is a great draw.

Interesting configurations can be worked out to suit all preferences and tastes. Noiseless sliding doors while saving space add to the aesthetics and can vary from an all steel to a combination of glass and steel. SIRAVI offers steel doors with powder coated finish to blend with the overall design and positively contribute to the ambience of the room. Mirrors can also be easily mounted on the doors.

Sliding Wardrobe

sliding door wardrobe in bangalore

Open Wardrobe

open door wardrobe designs bangalore